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    Northern tribe

    Team spirit – increases speed of allied swordsmen

    Ax thrower

    Boomerang-ax – chance of turning axe into boomerang


    Fury – each hit is 20% stronger than the previous one, as long as your delay lasts less than one second


    Potion making – increases chances of abilities of allies


    Final blow – when spearman is on his deathbed, chance to cause triple damage

    Forest residents
    Boss Frog

    Earthquake – enemies suffer damage – the closer to the centre, the more damage.
    Stone skin – increases protection by 75% for several seconds


    Fright – chance to frighten enemy during attack.


    Poisoning – chance to poison enemy during attack.


    Dropping – chance to repel enemy during attack.


    Rage – chance to increase damage and attack speed with each next attack.


    Lightning balls – chance to create 3 lightning bolts attacking random enemies

    Boss Elder

    Searching – trying to find an apple to restore health.
    Stealth – hides in the beard becoming invulnerable.


    Hammer of fate – throws a hammer: the further the enemy, the more damage.

    Crowned spearman

    Spears of fate – throws 3 spears causing more damage.


    Mug of ale – partially restores a drunk’s health.


    Master block – chance to fully shut out the enemy’s attack.


    Jump master – jumps over enemies attacking slowly.

    Mountain tribe
    Boss Spirit

    Control – lures enemy on its side for some time.
    Mirror trap – creates a copy of enemy for its defence.


    Resurrection – revives after death only once, but with better medical skills now.


    Reflection – chance to repel the enemy’s attack fully.

    Mountain spearman

    Open wound – attack speed decreases and enemy loses health for a time.

    Mace hipster

    Stun – deprives the enemy of his ability to attack for a while.


    Fatal shot – low chance to kill the enemy with one shot.

    Sons of the Desert
    Boss Genie

    Magic boot – changes it’s shape and gets invulnerability for a while.
    Click – changes its shape and throws aside all nearby enemies by turns.

    Saber Beardman

    Spirit of a blade – every attack of the blade reduces the speed of the enemy attack.

    Sandy archer

    Piercing attack – a chance to pierce with arrow all the enemies on the way.

    Sandy spearman

    Spear of meanness – attacks the weakest enemy.


    Accidental magic – turns allies into mice, and opponents into cheese.


    Crit – chance to make a double damage.

    Miraculous creatures
    Boss Devil

    Burning – attack the enemies with fire.
    Paralysis – it reduces defense twice and has a small chance to kill the enemy.

    Tentacle shadow

    Vampirism – restores their health at the expense of the dead enemy.

    Crystal guardian

    Сhilblain – reduces enemy attack speed greatly.

    Coal golem

    Flaming up – rolls out on the battlefield in the form of stone, restores his health to the maximum and then goes back into battle.


    Thunderstorm – attacks the enemy with lightning

    Lazy caterpilzy

    The gape – calls butterflies which attacks the enemies.


    Sleep – a chance to plunge the enemy into a deep sleep and make it impossible to attack for a while.

    Predatory Flower

    Reduction – reduces the enemies in size.


    Alive shield – greatly increases health and get in a defensive stance, taking the brunt.


    Healing teleportation – if health is less than a half, has a chance to teleport and heal.


    Swallowing – the smaller the size of the enemy, the greater chance to swallow it wholly.

    Zombie laborer

    Infection – all the combat abilities of the enemy are redusing.

    Zombie warrior

    Deadly cutie – each attack has a chance to kill the infected enemy.

    Zombie mage

    Call – a chance to grab a few enemies and deny to attack for a while.

    Zombie chief

    Dead’s Armor – increases the armor of all the ally zombies.

    Creeping zombie

    Creep – immunity to all attacks of shooters, javelin throwers, etc.

    Residents of mines

    Shaking – causes stalactitofall that restores health or causes damage to the enemy.

    Triple ball

    The power of three – while three of them they have three bonuses, the death of each one takes one of the bonuses: attack speed, the chance to cause double damage, increase armor.


    Camouflage – on the battlefield he finds dark niches in which he hides and attacks the passing enemies.

    Boss Guardian of the Bell

    Kiddush – forces the nearest enemy to treat the boss for a while and immobilize another enemies.
    Purifying – all the enemies lose half of their health.

    Wind Warrior

    Handsaw – a chance to strengthen the attack for a while and gain the ability to attack all nearby enemies simultaneously.

    Battle wizard

    The round punch – chance damage to all enemies around in close-in fighting.

    Ghost with chain

    Closing – a chance to enter into the trap of the enemy and immobilize it.

    Hammer master

    Symbol of weakness – a chance to summon a symbol, each symbol’s attack reduces the damage of the enemy.


    Biting shield – a chance to get a full immunity to physical damage with the possibility to attack for a while.

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