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    Famous for the greatest noses in the Beardmen's world, craving for strong drinks and passion for battle, mostly one on one close-in fighting.
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    Stand out among the other heroes incurable inclination to experiment and all strange things - colored beard, crooked stick, questionable headgear and any rubbish no one will attention to. When it comes to the battle the magic, surprising inhabitants is used.
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    Well-known adventure seekers for bearded trouble. Heroes who never lost their smile and always have some food for beloved pets. In the battle the long-range weapon always in favor.
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    Wealth - chance to summon resources at the start of the battle.
    Luck - chance to get more resources with every move.
    Symbol of attack - your allies have increased attack in their half of the field.
    Manna - your allies have increased health in their half of the field.
    Symbol of regeneration - your allies are having their health restored in their half of the field.
    Regeneration - hero recovers his health.
    Symbol of fear - enemies have lowered attack speed when not in their half of the field.
    Beast attack - chance to repel enemy during attack.
    Aura of inaccessibility - chance to repel enemy at every enemy attack.
    Lifesteal - killing enemy, Hero recovers his health.
    Necromancy Obelisk - chance to lift enemy who did not die in its half of the field as a zombie.
    Arrow shield - chance to completely avoid the attack from far shooting enemies.
    Theft - steals summon resources from opponent.
    Trap chips - adds traps to chips, the opponent gets damage.
    Militree - calls assistant on the battlefield.
    Fire ball - after the fall the ball keeps rolling, attacking enemies with fire.
    Lord of the Night - exposed to the light, the enemies are blinded for a while.
    Barrage of arrows - controlled barrage of arrows causes damage to the enemies.
    Mighty shield - gives the Hero full immunity against injuries for a while.
    Net - gathers call resources directly from the field.
    Underwater punishment - octopushower is causing serious damage to the enemies.
    Fog - enemies in the fog attack no longer.
    Grenadarrows - gives Hero ability to attack in the area for a time.
    Whirlwind - the whirlwind sweeps in and blows aside all enemies on its way.